Bring Good Luck & Prosperity Home, This Dhanteras 2019.

This Dhanteras, Buy something that is devoted to the God you believe in.

An Absolutely Authentic Hallmarked Silver coin with beautiful imprints of the Lord you believe in, This can be also designed with a custom imprint on demand. Comes with a Labelled Box & High Quality Packing & Packaging that is Tampering Safe.

Every box comes with a "Gunratna.. jewel of Virtue" Packaging that keeps the coin safe and intact, the coin itself also has the 999 & quantity mark at it's other side than HD Mythological or Designer Imprint.

We know that your believes and faith in god is priceless, But these small devotions in the form of a Silven Coin Start from INR 650 onwards. This Designer, Imprinted Authentic Silver Coin can be yours in just INR 650, Prices are subjected to increase as per the weight of the coin!

Quality of Product:
Delivery & Packaging:
Authentication & Certification:

Have a look at some Images of the Coin


Radha-Krishna Silver Coin

Jain Padmavati Mata Coin

Lord Hanuman Silver Coin

Frequently asked Questions & Information:

999; Certificate of Purity.

Fine Silver is 99.9% Silver (999) used in silver bullion bars. Pure Silver, also known as fine silver is considered to be relatively soft, malleable and easily damaged, so it is commonly combined with other metals which in turn helps to produce a more durable and long-lasting product. 

This is Different from Sterling Silver as that Silver is 92.5% silver (925). On silver pieces, this is marked as 925. In sterling silver, 92.5% of the object by weight is silver and 7.5% will be another alloy, usually copper.

Silver is the most fundamental of symbolizing riches and wealth.
When you carry Silver it helps to keep the body cool which allows you to wear it for long durations.
Silver was one of the first five elements discovered, along with gold, copper, lead and iron. making it a precious metal.

To minimize scratches and other damage, store your silver jewelry either in a cloth pouch or in a separate compartment in your jewelry box. Silver polish can be used to remove tarnish.

If you prefer to clean your silver jewelry at home, you can use a silver cleaning dip, which can be done in the following manner:

– Line a glass container with tin foil; pour some hot water and add one or two tablespoons of salt and baking soda.

– Put your silver pieces in the dip and leave them there for about five minutes.

– After the tarnish disappears, rinse your jewelry with water and dry it using a soft cloth.

  • The chemical symbol for silver, Ag, comes from the Latin word for silver, argentum, which in turn derives from the Sanskrit word argunas, which means shining.
  • The words for ‘silver’ and ‘money’ are the same in fourteen languages or more.

Why Choose Gunratna?


No matter what you buy, your purchase should be authentic.To ensure the integrity and originality of our products we provide the “Certificate of Authenticity” from IGI, The International Gemological Insititute of India with Hallmark Certification.


We understand purchasing jewellery has a lot of emotions attached to it and so forth, comes the excitement to wear it! We ensure the timely delivery of the product(s) that too free & insured until they reach you safely.


If ever you feel like exchanging your “Gunratna” Jewellery for newer designs, we are game! Exchange the product for its current value or get Cash with just minor deductions.


Our aim is to sell jewellery at the best possible prices as compared to other online and offline jewellery retailers. By skipping the process of sourcing diamonds and other raw materials from agents, we procure our materials directly from the source, allowing us to pass the savings on to you.


We understand to meet all the needs and to make your jewellery unique and stand out from the crowd, We need to make it compelling and a trendsetter in a way that it suits your personality, attire, way of carrying and fitting & more importantly comfort!


We provide end to end buying assistance on our wide range of products, buying guides, customization assistance – All on WHATSAPP. We believe it is the most used messenger worldwide. Thus, making it more facilitative to our buyers.